Successful training weekend – AGAIN


Photo: Hans Hodne

I am going to do this blogpost in English, as it is concerning our spaniel training weekend with Mrs. Gillian and Mr. Jeremy Organ last weekend in Skiptvet.

The training weekend is now behind us, most of the impressions have been digested and we are already planning new training activities for the coming year. Always striving towards perfection is a way of life, and this is how we secure constant development both in our professional lives AND with dog training. If you want to be good at jumping 200cm, you can´t practise jumping 180cm… That´s it 🙂


Photo: Hans Hodne

Although it was very easy being a host for the Organs, I must admit that sometimes you just feel you are left with more than just being a host. So a big thank you goes to the both of them for being so open, making us feel comfortable and for all the interesting discussions we had. Not only about dog training or breeding. It was like having close friends staying with us for the weekend 🙂 Our door will always be open for you guys!

All participants was given the opportunity to work with their dogs, both hunting and retrieving. And the feedback has all been positive, everybody went home with concrete tasks to work with and a lot of inspiration!

Lots of pictures have been posted in my Gallery section, so please have a look here!

And make sure you follow the blog, you never know when new activities are being launched 😉


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